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  • Abhishek Dey Roy en So you still want a summer internship somewhere, right?
  • Abhishek Dey Roy en So you still want a summer internship somewhere, right?
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    24's first season, which Nelson loves, recently stopped airing in the spanish Antena 3 network.
    First, the trivia: spanish network TV is very different to american; so we had 2 episodes, one after the other, every monday evening (10 pm, prime time in Spain), it actually took around 90 minutes, instead of the original 2 hours, so I guess part of the charm of the series was lost. Not much, really.
    After that, my opinion. I guess it's a quintessential amerian series, with Bauer being the quintessentian amerian hero. He doesn't stop in front of anything or anybody in order to save his family, and his family itself doesn't stop in front of anything in order to get themselves tangled up in yet another imbroglio. I lost count when Kim Bauer was re-kidnapped for the third time.
    Jack Bauer, I guess, is the kind of person every american should admire, if he/she does not do it already. But he stretches a bit the rule of law to do whatever he wants; mostly catch the bad guy, but sometimes it's not so clear. At the end, he's a cold-blood murderer: he kills the serbian guy whatsisname because he thought he had killed his daughter. Besides, he's an ex-lover of a former soviet|german|albanian| whatever spy. In every other country in the world, he would probably be thrown in jail not to ever come back again.
    Other than that, David Palmer is the quintessential honest-to-god smart good guy. Problem is, as maybe every presidential candidate, he's surrounded by crooks (including his own ex-wife). But I guess that does not really matter; since he's a good guy, who's going to care about where his campaign money comes from?
    I have to say I have swallowed every single minute of this series, and that I enjoyed it, but it's not too clear to me what kind of message it wants to convey. The question is: who's the hero in this series? Maybe Almeida, the trusty sidekick.
    BTW, did anybody notice that, whenever Palmer is shown with secret service guys blurred in the bacground, exactly the same guy with exactly the same suit does exactly the same gesture of raising his hand to put a finger in his right ear?

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    De: James Dente Fecha: 2003-07-14 11:56

    You just wait until you see season two... it's even better than the first one. And today is the day that the producers start filmin season three...

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