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    Inicio > Historias > Spanish elections - the day after

    Spanish elections - the day after

    It's not only the day after, but also four days after the infamous 11-M. I was following the whole stuff from Italy, with the weird sensation of being a 11-S in reverse: CNN was showing images from spanish TV, instead of the other way round; all italian and international TVs avaliable in the hotel were following the events, and I stopped by a computer every little while for an update of events.
    It was quite clear from the very beginning that the magnitude of the tragedy was too much for any local terrorist group. But the government tried to pin it on ETA, and they were wrong. Even if they soon started saying that "they were following all leads", they should have said it in reverse: it's most probably Al Qaeda, but "we don't rule out ETA". They were very wrong in believing their adversaries: if it was by Al Qaeda, it was all their fault. By not admitting it, they lost not only those that were already lost and who where going to blame them anyways, but also some followers who were upset not by their handling of the crisis, which was quite efficient, but on their handling of who was guilty and why.
    This has probably been a constant in this second term by the popular party. And old spanish saying goes "Dame pan y dime tonto", give me bread and call me a fool. This government had a very efficient economic minister, and, in general, it has managed to increase wealth of the average spaniard, and decrease the average difference with Europe. But it has mismanaged almost all crisis in the public relations front, and has been too keen on giving situations a spin that could keep them in power. Hubris is blindness.
    On the other hand, this has been accompanied by a continuous, and often insidious attack, by media conglomerates close to the then-opposing, next-ruling, party. Figting spin with spin, lies with more lies, and, sometimes, insults and physical rocks, they have managed to convince vast sectors of the population that the government is guilty also of the rain or lack thereof.
    That said, I can't help but cringe when I read that election results will encourage attacks. Next time, please, send the marines to stuff some ballots, right? Or that terrorist have succeded in toppling the spanish government. The spanish government is alive and well, thanks. We just have changed it democratically. And, if you don't mind, we'll keep doing it. Would Aznar's successor had been voted into power without the attack? Who knows? And who cares? If we are wrong, we'll vote the socialists out of power in four years. This is a democracy, remember?
    On the other hand, Iberian Notes does not like what the people have said. Well, tough luck, man. The people, as the customer, is always right. You're free in not liking it, but that's the way it is in a democracy. Whoever forms a coalition with the socialist party, and however they will fare in the next four years, it's a result of a decision of the people. If they retire troops from Iraq, maybe the US should have made a better case for it.

    2004-03-15 01:00 | 15 Comment(s) | Filed in

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    De: pj Fecha: 2004-03-15 18:27

    Iberian Notes not only doesn't like the results (we don't choose what we like or dislike... is all about feelings) but he call us cowards.

    Well, we want to grow without the super power of our Big Brother (the USA) and he call us cowards? more coward is who needs a Big Brother to cover him.

    (Ok, from now on I wouldn't take so seriously that kind of pro-racism declarations).

    De: fernand0 Fecha: 2004-03-15 18:35

    How could I say this in English?

    cowards, ¡jurl!

    De: pj Fecha: 2004-03-15 18:38

    Oh, I almost forgot that... Which are exactly the lies of that PSOE-controlled media? And how just a media group formed by "SER - Radio", "Canal Plus - TV" (and almost all the time encrypted for non-subscribers) and "El País - News Diary" (pay per read in the web) in front of "El Mundo, ABC, La Razón (news diaries) + Libertad Digital (in the web)", "TVE (spanish public TV) and Antena3 (TV)", "COPE, RNE (spanish public radio) and, for what I've listened tonight, Onda Cero (what a bunch of... amateurs :P) - Radios"...

    A government has never had so much controlled media like the PP had with the help of our beloved Telefónica, gave by Aznar as a present to his friend Villalonga (who now lives in Miami, not in Madrid working as a subcontracted 40 year old father with a 00/Mo salary).

    That government-controlled media are all attacking the Cadena SER for releasing the information about the attacks at the moment and not waiting to, let's see, today?

    btw, have a nice trip! I was in Siena in year 2000 and it's sooo beautiful :)

    De: pj Fecha: 2004-03-15 18:40

    s/with a 00/Mo salary/with a $ 1000/Mo salary

    "$ + number" bug strikes back!

    De: JR Fecha: 2004-03-15 18:53

    Agree in absolutely everything but on the close-to-PSOE media treatment of the situation. For instance, you just had to take a look at TVE (in the case you were back in Spain), where they programmed unexpectedly Asesinato en febrero at saturday night... just in the middle of Shakespeare in Love. Fernando Buesa's widow has complained bitterly due to it.

    Or El Mundo, which brought an interview with Mariano Rajoy on saturday, which was totally and neatly illegal.

    Not to mention far-far-far-far-righteous online newspaper Libertad Digital's ultra-biased information.

    Or all other media but SER, El Mundo and El País, which accused ETA of being the murder with the same strength as the government itself, despite having no solid evidence.


    POSTDATA: I repeat here, dear foreign guys, that I'm proud of what I've done and whom I've voted for. I'm not a coward, and none of my fellow Spaniards (whoever they voted) are either. Keep it in mind.

    De: JR Fecha: 2004-03-15 19:47

    At last one conservative/hawkish blog that doesn't call us appeasers or cowards. And it's quite important. Take a look.

    De: JJ Fecha: 2004-03-16 17:42

    I have confirmed that the the foreign correspondents were called by the government to push the ETA, as published by the SER. That was not a lie, then.

    De: fernand0 Fecha: 2004-03-16 17:44

    How did you confirm it?

    De: JJ Fecha: 2004-03-16 17:50

    By emailing the foreign correspondent mentioned in the article.

    De: JR Fecha: 2004-03-16 19:56

    Yeah, I heard some of them yesterday speaking in Cadena SER.

    It is very serious, isn't it?

    De: JJ Fecha: 2004-03-16 20:12

    Yes, quite so.

    De: Daurmith Fecha: 2004-03-16 20:25

    I'd like to see a follow-up of that and of the telegram in which supposedly the Foreing Affairs Minister ordered Spanish consulates to push the ETA theory. Any chance of reproducing the e-mail exchange you had, JJ?

    De: JJ Fecha: 2004-03-16 20:39

    I didn't ask for permission, but it was basicaly like this:
    JJ to Henk Boom: can you confirm the news that you were called by some representative of the ministry telling you that it had been the ETA?
    Henk Boom to JJ: Yes, yes, and definitely yes.
    El Mundo also talks about the open letter written by the correspondents after his meeting yesterday

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