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  • Abhishek Dey Roy en So you still want a summer internship somewhere, right?
  • Abhishek Dey Roy en So you still want a summer internship somewhere, right?
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    Inicio > Historias > Can spam be canned?

    Can spam be canned?

    Short answer: No.
    Longer answer: No way.
    From a theoretical point of view, it's a Turing-decidability problem. It's imposible, in principle, if an email is "unwanted" just by looking at it. You have to understand it, and that takes us a level deeper into machine intelligence that we would be able to code.
    On the other hand, a inmune-system like approach would probably work, at least from the receiving side. As soon as somebody receives an unsolicited email, some kind of antibodies. That was proposed some time ago in an Usenet Posting, and, recently, paper by canadian researchers (PDF) delves deeper into it.
    However, it's not as simple as it looks. Spam messages mutate, so it's difficult to create a unique signature that can be transmitted as an antibody (this is theoretically called a quasispecies); it does not come from a single source, so it cannot identified by vector.
    Are other solutions possible? I'll give short and long answers in the next postings.

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